I'm a 4th year computer science major at UC Berkeley 🐻. On campus, I teach Operating Systems and research human-AI interaction in CHAI and BAIR.

I'm interested in social impact, sustainability, and creative technology. I love dabbling in as many disciplines as possible, learning by experimenting, and building wonderful, colorful experiences.

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I grew up in Cleveland, Ohio and learned to code via Flash games. Later, I exhibited games in Cleveland and New York City and achieved 1M(!!) views on itch.io. Games remain my favorite form of art, and I still find inspiration in unconventional indie games.

Nowadays, I software engineer. I’ve spent summers and gap semesters at Watershed, Facebook Reality Labs, and Ramp thinking about product, indulging in pseudo-healthy snacks, and doing 1:1s at SF Costco.

Elsewhere in college, I’ve:

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I love meeting new people, so please reach out if you'd like to chat or collaborate in any way, shape or form! My email is tiffanywang at berkeley dot edu πŸ“¬.